Welcome Assoc. Prof. Nada M. Al Hakkak from Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University, Iraq to be committee member!

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Assoc. Prof. Nada M. Al Hakkak, Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University, Iraq

Research Area: 

Financial and Banking

Research Experience:


1- AlHakkak N. Towards a Smart Routing Model (MFR Framework) in Smart Cities, conference, the 2nd international conference: Future Smart Cities (FSC), Xiamen University Malaysia (XUM), IEREK, Malaysia, 2019.

2- AlHakkak N. Kabbneah K. A Hybrid Algorithm For Disk Scheduling Optimization (PRG) Algorithm,conference, Amman Arab University, 2019

3- AlHakkak N.An Optimized Framework for Resource Allocation in E-Learning Environment (RA e-learning Framework),Conference , Baghdad College for Economic Sciences University2019

4- AlHakkak N.Smart Resource Allocation for E-Learning (SRAE algorithm),Journal of Alturath University College, 2019

5- Ban Salman, Nada AlHakkak, and Mustafa Jaber Football Player Decision Support System Baghdad-city as a Case Study, International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2018

6- Nada M Alhakkak, Ban Salman, Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie Towards An Optimized Smart Traffic for Congestion Avoidance with Multi Layered (ST-CA) Framework, International Conference on Smart Computing and Electronic Enterprise (ICSCEE), 2018

7- Nada M Al-Hakkak, Ban Salman Shukur, Atheel Sabih Shaker E-Government Public Cloud Model (EGPCM), Ibn AL-Haitham Journal For Pure and Applied Science 2018

8- AlHakkak N. and Salman B. Towards an Optimized Smart Campus Framework with three Layers (OSCF-L3),conference, Baghdad College for Economic Sciences University,2018

9- AlHakkak N. Using Genetic Algorithm to Reorder Ready Queue in Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm with Weighted Average Time Slice Genetic Weighted Round Robin (GWR) algorithm,Journal of Iraqi University, 2017

Books and Chapters

1- AlHakkak N. BigGIS-With-Hadoop-in-MapReduce-Environment -Towards-an-M2BG-Framework, Book "Handbook of Research on Digital Research Methods and Architectural Tools Urban Planning and Design", 2019

2- AlHakkak N. Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) 1st edition, JORDAN-AMMAN,2019.